Teletec Transport & logistics vehicules fleet

Teletec provide 21 trucks with 6 x 4 Axle configuration very different from other trucks operating in desert : 4 X 2. It ensure more motility at the start up and when driving, Moreover the 6 x 4 enables truck to overload than 4 x 2 and give more stability on desertic roads. Our trucks are confirmed to have ADR electric circuit and exhaust.

Magyar tank also is ADR and have the following technical carecteristics:

  • Max working temperature : 250°C
  • Working pressure : 2bar
  • Total capacity: 30m3
  • 1 Compartiment with 3 baffles
  • Type of material : Sainless steel AISI 304 /304L
  • Shape: Strainght cylindrical section Diam: 20000 mm
  • Gross Vehicule weight: 34 000 kg
  • Theorical weight: 6950 Kg
  • Coupling plate height , loaded: 1200 mm
  • Thickness as per ADR regulation: Tank shell : 3mm
  • Dished end : 4mm
  • Ends : korbbogen type
  • Baffles : 4 off spherical cap
  • Double wall
  • Hydraulic test : 2.56 bar
  • Dealing test : 2bar
  • Safety valve: 2 bar
  • Gaue pressure contrôle in the tank
  • Level indicator and high level switch/alarm
  • TODO connections

Teletec transport & logistics objectives

To perform these services, TTL set this objective: to operate strictly in terms of safety and environmental standards and to meet the international standards and requirements of its customers.
TTL included in its policies, a strong health, safety and environmental implications.
TTL was able to meet the trust of its prestigious customers
TTL is committed in terms of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE). Our goals are:         
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Zero accident
  • Zero incidents
  • Zero harm to the environment